About Helen

When I was 6, I wanted to be a policewoman. Just as soon as I had announced that to my parents, I was so scared by a moth I ran, screaming, from the room. 

I was outspoken, fiercely just and somewhat amusing. And in the end, rather than wield a truncheon, I wrote. 

I carved stories and shocked and amused and compelled people into action. I thought and fought. And then I became a marketer.

Incredibble beginnings

Although it would take almost five years for my freelance career to evolve into Incredibble, it all started in Auckland, New Zealand in 2012. 

After years marketing tech businesses and PR agencies in London, I left it all behind, travelled South America and landed in New Zealand for a time. 

During a Couchsurfing curry with 50 strangers, I would meet and become friends with a phenomenal and inspirational writer. She would go on to read my blog and tell her boss (an agency co-founder) I could write. 

The next thing I knew, I was writing articles for his latest digital endeavour, often while sitting on a beach. 

Following the dream

Creative writing was my focus during my English degree but I never believed writing was something I could get paid to do. 

That first taste of freedom ignited a stubborn determination to overcome every seed of doubt and push on through until I was supporting myself and others through work I love.

I pinch myself every day that Incredibble is my job and passionately help others realise their freelance copywriting dreams. My business is built with freedom at its core and designed to help more people do what they love. 

Mentoring & Coaching

“Helen nurtures your skills, builds your confidence, offers real business insights (the stuff you won’t find on the internet), and helps you achieve your goals.”
Georgina, freelance copywriter

Freelancing is hard. Especially when you're just starting out.

Want to share what you're going through and discover shortcuts to solve your biggest fears? 
Like, am I charging the right amount?
Is this proposal OK?
How do I negotiate this really confusing request?
Why do clients seem to take the piss all the time? 
How do I find a flipping client in the first place!? 

I've been there and I can help.

Sessions last 45 minutes and are available in bundles of 3 or 6, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Book more as you need them.

“Helen has helped me develop from copywriting novice to producing high quality work for national and international businesses. I couldn’t have achieved this level of success without Helen’s first-class coaching and guidance which has been invaluable on my successful journey into self-employment.”
Becky, freelance copywriter

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Public and in-house training

Content Marketing: Your Essential Introduction

A fully-funded one-day course delivered for Manchester’s Business Growth Hub.

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Content Marketing: Everything you need to know

A one-day course for content teams and small business owners.

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In-house mentoring for your junior copywriting team

Empower your budding content team with the insight and expertise to get them writing gold, faster. Bespoke to your company and culture, this is entirely tailored to you.

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