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Frustrated with an internet full of mediocre content and too many tales of burnt fingers, Incredibble sets a new standard in high quality copywriting.

We want to help you tell your best story, so you can do the best job you can and realise your marketing potential.

And if you’re a writer, we're a good bunch to know.

This is personal.

“Hi, I'm Helen Dibble. I built this business.

It began as me, writing in New Zealand for a digital entrepreneur. Then it was me, writing in Scotland, for a handful of local businesses. Then it was me, writing in Manchester, for a larger handful of B2B tech businesses.

Today, it's a network of proven professionals and me ... but it's still me, passionately thinking, writing and connecting ideas and people to help clients tell their best stories.

When you work with Incredibble, you work with me. And I am committed to your success. It makes me feel good.”

Bigger isn't better. Better is better.

We are obsessive about the pursuit of our potential. For you, that means every new thing, technique or approach we discover gets shared with you or ploughed back into what we're doing. Prepare yourself for a ton of ideas!

We’re also obsessive about the experience you have as a client of Incredibble. When Helen decided to call the business 'Incredibble', she was sending a message to herself and her clients: we have to be good.

So we’ll ask you often if you're happy and what else we could do to improve our service. We also limit the number of clients we work with so we can keep that service shining.

We're incredible. Are you?

Incredibble works with businesses like us. We do everything we can to be our best, right now, in every moment. And we treat our people really well, even though they're not employees.

Clients of Incredibble are committed to excellence too. And they know employees are the life force of their business and have or are creating a culture to die for. Sound like you?

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Meet the team


Content strategist and SEO guru. Creator of clever, playful copy.


A true craftsman. Mike creates impact by distilling complex information into compelling copy.


Marketer, copywriter and  founder of Incredibble. Content direction, new business, client service.


Award-winning tech and business writer. Roundtable moderator, podcaster, occasional DJ.


An employee comms specialist who balances commercial insight with powerful punch.


An eagle-eyed copy editor who relishes giving any piece of copy a proper polish.


A researcher who uncovers insights and conveys them to help people and planet.

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Consistently deliver grade-A written content for your business and clients. Connect to a team of proven, professional copywriters and start to fuel your campaigns.