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Incredibble is awesome.
We made sure it was built that way.
But it’s not for everyone.

We know writers like to go their own way because we do too: independence, freedom and flexibility unite us at Incredibble.

We look for people who share our value-based approach to life, love helping others and are diamond communicators.

But talk to any freedomist and they’ll tell you, systems set you free.

It’s true.

Our vibrant, creative flair, diversity and ability to be anywhere in the world are enabled by a series of simple but effective approaches to work.

If you’d like to join the team, we ask that you’ll be down with the following. 

We can’t guarantee regular work

Around 60% of the work is regular and ongoing, but client remits shift and we like to adapt. We figure if flexibility is so important and available to us, it should be to our clients too.

You will be white labelled

That is, you’ll communicate with clients using an Incredibble email address. We’ll ask you to sign an NDA and that you please don’t solicit our clients. But your values-based approach to life means you’d never do that anyway.

This is what the work typically looks like

Writing articles to support inbound (content) marketing campaigns

Expect keywords, titles and briefs on a set topic for a particular client. 1000- to 2500-word pieces. Understanding content marketing is a must.

Writing copy for websites

Project-based, this work involves delivering creative concepts and first-class copy in line with brand guidelines and a set tone of voice. You’ll be liaising with the client, website designer and developer. An understanding of content design and UX is useful.

Writing copy for marketing materials

Also project-based, this is about whipping up words that convince and convert. You’ll be liaising with the client and graphic designers to ensure every word looks tip-top on the page.

These are the types of clients you’ll be working with

Technologists, marketers, architects, recruiters, lawyers and accountants have made up the mainstay of clients over the past few years. But we’ve also worked with mosques, feminine care brands, manufacturers and training companies. The one thing they all have in common? They’re super-nice people.

We use online systems

Google Drive for storing and sharing documents. Google Docs for writing them. Google Meet or Zoom for conference calls. Are you comfortable uploading documents to the Drive, viewing editorial calendars in Google Sheets and navigating Zoom? We hope so!

We pay fair fees

No freebies. No favours. Because you're a master crafter and we respect that. It's easy to discuss money with us (because we get how hard this can be) and we make clear agreements so you always know where you stand.

We provide guidelines

On how to name documents, share them with clients and use keywords for SEO. It’s all explained before you begin and we’re always here to steer you in the right direction. It’s important to us because it helps deliver a consistently excellent experience to our clients. Something we really care about.

We’re a community

The Pinboard is our monthly newsletter, just for the team. We regularly catch up online. And there’s a WhatsApp group for memos, questions, GIFs and random chats which you can optionally join.

Incredibble is as Incredibble does

We’re passionate about enabling more people to do what they love. A regular questionnaire gives you the opportunity to feedback on your experience and alert us to anything we could be doing better.

The truth? It’s down here

"I absolutely love working with Helen. She is thorough, driven and know where she wants to take her business. She always looks for the best in her team and is encouraging throughout."

Sarah, Incredibble’s freelance ops manager

"Helen doesn’t just work with you as a freelancer. She nurtures your skills, builds your confidence, offers real business insights (the stuff you won’t find on the internet), and helps you achieve your goals."

Georgina, freelance copywriter at Incredibble

"In under two years, Helen's mentoring has helped me develop from copywriting novice to producing high quality work for national and international businesses. I couldn't have achieved this level of success without Helen's first-class coaching and guidance which has been invaluable on my successful journey into self-employment."

Becky, freelance copywriter at Incredibble

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