Join Incredibble as our freelance managing editor

Incredibble is growing! And for the first time ever, we're hiring a managing editor to help support the agency's central function. Could it be you?

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FREELANCE UP NORTH PODCAST // Episode 4, Helen Dibble

This podcast mini-series shines a spotlight on freelancers based in the north of England. I sat down with Katy from Freelance Folk and Ben from Ziferblat, and we chatted about everything from productivity methods, favourite freelance tools, and our predictions for the future of content creation. 

It’s a 45-minute podcast with some helpful takeaways for freelancers who want to make self-employment work for them. We reveal how copywriting as an industry has transformed and expanded over the years, and why marketing as a term probably shouldn’t exist.  

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VENTURE L // Mastering scale in your freelance copywriting business

"All I wanted to do was what I love." 

It was a rocky road to the fully-fledged freelance business I'm so fortunate to run today, but choosing my own passion over a conventional path helped me discover the joy of freelance work.  

The journey that started with a few small copywriting contracts and progressed to building an agency of freelance writers is the topic of conversation with Matthew Motolla from Venture L in this podcast. 

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RED-FERN MEDIA // Content vs Design, which comes first to deliver a successful digital project?

Working with Red-Fern Media for over four years, we've refined our copywriting process into a slick, user-focused art form. Creating powerful content is as much about the relationships you form with clients, as it is about picking the right words. 

In this podcast, we break down each stage of the copywriting process, exploring what good copy looks like, and how businesses can build a content strategy that combines great design with purposeful writing. 

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PROCOPYWRITERS // How we deliver crazy-good client experience every time (a copywriter's checklist)

At Incredibble our processes are human at heart, which means we're flexible to our clients’ needs but firm on our values. Having a strong sense of what we will (and won’t) do is what makes us so good at delivering high-five worthy content. 

If like me, you love a process, this handy checklist is a great thing to have bookmarked in your browser. You can follow each step, or take note of the structure and contribute your own ideas. The choice is yours. 

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FORBES // Freelancer Pay: What Are You Worth?

The key to charging your worth as a freelancer is knowing your own worth. 

During the summer I was featured in a piece by Forbes on freelance pay, which explored the obstacles faced by self-employed workers.

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Air masks on. There's work to be done.

Do you serve yourself first or take care of others before you? 

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The 4-Day Week Experiment (Podcast)

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