Content Readiness Assessment

When you’re running at scale and want to do things consistently and well, firm foundations are in order. Read our content readiness assessment to understand where you are and what you need.

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How Incredibble helped Legacy Marketplace discover who they are

For too many businesses, brand guidelines are a shallow activity, paying casual lip service to the importance of collaboration and the power of leadership.

If you really want to discover who you are, what you stand for, why you’re different and what you’re truly trying to achieve, you’ve got to go deep. Real deep. And that’s exactly what we did with Legacy Marketplace. 

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FORBES // Creative and experience economy freelancers forecast growth ahead for freelancing in 2021

For a recent Forbes article I was asked about my predictions for freelance growth for 2021. 

It’s a meaty topic but I was excited to share my thoughts as part of this dynamic thought leader lineup.

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FORBES // Freelancers, you get the PR you deserve: These experts tell you how to up your PR game

Marketing yourself can sometimes feel like a full time job. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

I was recently featured in a Forbes article discussing how brands can build a PR strategy that gets results. Entrepreneurs and PR experts were asked their advice on setting up an effective PR strategy for startups and freelancers.

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Join Incredibble as our freelance managing editor

Incredibble is growing! And for the first time ever, we're hiring a managing editor to help support the agency's central function. Could it be you?

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FREELANCE UP NORTH PODCAST // Episode 4, Helen Dibble

This podcast mini-series shines a spotlight on freelancers based in the north of England. I sat down with Katy from Freelance Folk and Ben from Ziferblat, and we chatted about everything from productivity methods, favourite freelance tools, and our predictions for the future of content creation. 

It’s a 45-minute podcast with some helpful takeaways for freelancers who want to make self-employment work for them. We reveal how copywriting as an industry has transformed and expanded over the years, and why marketing as a term probably shouldn’t exist.  

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VENTURE L // Mastering scale in your freelance copywriting business

"All I wanted to do was what I love." 

It was a rocky road to the fully-fledged freelance business I'm so fortunate to run today, but choosing my own passion over a conventional path helped me discover the joy of freelance work.  

The journey that started with a few small copywriting contracts and progressed to building an agency of freelance writers is the topic of conversation with Matthew Motolla from Venture L in this podcast. 

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RED-FERN MEDIA // Content vs Design, which comes first to deliver a successful digital project?

Red-Fern Media MD Sean Redfearn invited Incredibble founder Helen Dibble on to the agency's YouTube channel to discuss this ever-popular subject: What comes first? Design or words? Watch to find out.

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