About to redo your website? Read this first

We're visual creatures, so you've no doubt already got a picture in your mind of how you want your new website to look. The impression you want to give. The layout. Maybe the colours.

And you've probably half-written a brief describing that. Or perhaps your web agency has asked you a load of questions about that.

The thing is, words are 50% of the story.

(Probably more, but I'm biased)

Is it the just colour green that makes someone press that button? Or is it the copy that speaks to their hearts? The transformation you promise them? The future ease your solution offers?

I know you know the answer.

Before you finalise that brief, make sure you specify the need for voice-of-customer research, customer journey mapping and copywriting.

Or, bring a copywriter to the website party, to work alongside your designers and developers.

I promise you, your website will be 1000 times better for it.

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