RED-FERN MEDIA // Content vs Design, which comes first to deliver a successful digital project?

Working with Red-Fern Media for over four years, we've refined our copywriting process into a slick, user-focused art form. Creating powerful content is as much about the relationships you form with clients, as it is about picking the right words. 

In this podcast, we break down each stage of the copywriting process, exploring what good copy looks like, and how businesses can build a content strategy that combines great design with purposeful writing. 

The best way to establish a strong relationship with your client is to invest time into getting to know them and their brand. From here, you can flesh out the strategy in a human-centric way that reflects everything you’ve learned about each other. 

Because top tier copywriting helps you find the right users, and realigns teams with the collective brand vision. And it’s just as important to reconnect with your team, as it is with your clients. But we’ll get to that point in the podcast. 

Check out the full interview on Youtube. 

Also, here are the two books from my recommended reading (as mentioned in the video!)

Everybody writes -  

Company of One -

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