How Incredibble helped Luma Marketing discover the true value of top quality written content

This is a case study. But it’s as much a story about how relationships and business partnerships evolve as it is about the results we get for our clients. Discover how Incredibble turned Luma Marketing from copy sceptics to copy converts.

“I didn’t need copywriting,” explains Lucy Lomas, director of Luma Marketing. 

Luma is a full-service B2B marketing agency working internationally from Manchester. They work with professional services firms in and around the property industry, helping them expand their reach, grow their brand and increase their revenue.

 “I needed Helen.”

(If this is the first time your eyeballs have landed on the Incredibble website, Helen is the founder of the agency. Surname Dibble. That’s where the two b’s in Incredibble come from.)

 “My business was changing and I needed her smart, common-sense advice to help me navigate the change. Copywriting wasn’t on my mind at all.”

Converting a copy sceptic

Before working with us, Lucy was dubious about our beloved craft. “I didn’t get it,” she said. “Why would you pay someone to write an article when you could do it yourself?”

Talking to Helen and learning more about Incredibble, it became clear that our services complemented hers, so she decided to give us a go. 

“It began as a capacity issue,” she explained. “I didn’t have the time to write. And I don’t enjoy it much either. I knew my time could be used more valuably. But as soon as I saw what a professional copywriter can do, it quickly became more about the skill.” 

The first project Luma and Incredibble collaborated on was for a client in Vietnam. There was a lot to write and it took time to determine how we worked together best. We had to establish processes and systems that benefitted both of us. Once we figured that out we were flying. 

“It was brilliant. The more I saw Helen and the team do, the more of it I wanted.”

Are you in-credible?

“We positioned Helen as a Luma person at first, but once I got to know her I decided to be transparent with my clients and tell them who Helen was. Because I knew if they looked her up it would still reflect well on me.”

“I liked Incredibble because they looked credible (no pun intended). I get approached by freelancers and small businesses all the time. And, unfortunately, most of them just don’t look credible.”

What does credible look like? Well, here’s what it isn’t. 

Out of date websites. Bad copy. LinkedIn profiles that list you as employed even though you’re actually freelance. These things are worryingly common and account for many lost opportunities. 

As deep as you want to go

At Incredibble, we like deep work. We go right to the ocean floor for our clients. That’s why they buy the think just as much as the ink

Lucy shares our passion. “I like really digging into a company and seeing who they are, what they stand for and where they want to be. I loved that I could hand the deep work to the Incredibble team and they just got it.” 

“I had another copywriter that I used for the light, fluffy, easy stuff. But anything that needed some serious writing work - real skill - I came to you guys.

“But because we were collaborating on deep work, the team knew the clients so well that they were also able to take the last minute requests off my hands too. All the can-you-justs were taken care of.”

Nobody writes their own copy

Although they wouldn’t dream of doing the same with design or website creation, business owners often think they can write their own copy. Because they were taught to read and write at school, they feel writing is a skill they possess. It feels familiar. After all, it’s just words, right? 

“I didn’t understand it before,” Lucy admits. “The nuances to it, the knowledge involved, the structure, the importance of calls to action. I’ve been doing this a long time and Luma has done well. But it wasn’t until I worked with Incredibble that I realised what I needed.”

Lucy was so convinced by the power of talented copywriters, she decided to hire some of her own. Luma now has two in-house writers and she hasn’t written her own copy for quite some time. 

“I talk to people who run multi-million-pound businesses and they’re trying to write their own stuff. I tell them nobody writes their own copy. You could spend half a day trying to write your own piece. Or you could call a copywriter, talk at them for 20 minutes and a few days later your piece will appear.”

It seems we’ve converted Lucy from a copy sceptic into a copy enthusiast. 

“I now realise that the reason you pay someone to write an article when you could do it yourself is that you don’t actually do it yourself. You somehow never get round to it. And, of course, a decent copywriter will always do a better job.”

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