How Quality Content Helped Hubspot Marketing Agency Red-Fern Media Grow by 70%

Red-Fern Media is a thriving HubSpot marketing agency that’s going from strength to strength. The business needed a reliable provider of high-quality content to support RedFern’s delivery of HubSpot marketing strategies and secure the best return on investment for its clients. 

Incredibble got in touch to offer copywriting services and now the agencies work hand-in-hand to deliver a range of projects based on best-practice Hubspot strategies. With the right processes in place, and with the resource to take on more projects, Red-Fern Media continues to expand.

Who are Red-Fern Media?

Red-Fern Media helps businesses grow by providing a full suite of digital marketing services including analysis, strategy and the delivery of digital, social and inbound plans. They also design and develop websites and custom software based on strategic design and development.

Focussed on Delivering HubSpot Strategies

As a HubSpot partner agency, Red-Fern understands the importance of using quality content to populate the websites they design and the marketing strategies they launch. Red-Fern’s MD, Sean Redfern says:

“Working with clients intent on delivering their own copy often meant content was provided at the end of the project, almost as an afterthought. This inevitably meant website go-live delays and it could sometimes also impact our designs.”

All too often, Red-Fern would create a website blog page only for it to remain empty. They knew the value that high-quality SEO copywriting could bring and wanted a content partner that could align with their wider marketing plans. 

Red-Fern knew they could offer more if they had the right team in place.

The agency already had a writer and a number of freelancers available to help them turn projects around. But they needed to bolster their team to ensure they could deliver, no matter how much work came in. 

White-Labelled Content Writing Expertise

Incredibble sent Red-Fern a good old-fashioned letter showcasing the team and its white-label service. Red-Fern were instantly attracted by the quality of the team’s work and the obvious understanding of HubSpot’s content strategy. 

Working with Incredibble meant Red-Fern could extend their team on a job-by-job basis without the risk of hiring permanent employees. It also meant being able to:

  • offer ongoing blog content to customers in line with HubSpot standards
  • establish slick processes with a single point of contact instead of managing multiple freelancers
  • access a range of writers with different expertise who could write in various tones of voice
  • naturally incorporate the SEO keywords that were key to Red-Fern’s wider marketing strategies

As critical parts of HubSpot’s inbound methodology, this was an exciting proposition.

Red-Fern also felt Incredibble would be a great fit due to the warm, professional and open approach of of Incredibble’s founder, Helen Dibble.

A Stronger Service Offering 

The relationship began by engaging Incredibble to write Red-Fern’s own content: this gave the agency the opportunity to see the team in action and establish effective working processes. 

Red-Fern liked what they saw and were soon using Incredibble to deliver work for their clients.

In the past, Red-Fern had been highly involved in the process of time-consuming website content creation. It also took their specialist web developers away from where they added most value. 

Working with Incredibble meant Red-Fern could pass the entire process over to the copywriting team who:

  • liaise with the client
  • write the copy
  • get it signed off
  • work with Red-Fern’s developer to ensure the copy works across the site 

As the relationship developed, Incredibble stepped in to provide strategic consultancy aligned with Red-Fern’s wider marketing strategy by:

  • facilitating the conversation around the customer journey
  • clarifying the aspirations for the content 
  • setting out a roadmap to deliver quality copy aligned to the strategy
  • carrying out business insight sessions and creating briefing and tone of voice documents 

Thanks to the high level of client service that Incredibble provides, both agencies work closely together to ensure Red-Fern’s marketing insights are implemented in client copy. 

Not only does this ensure that every piece of content provides customers with the best return on their investment but it carries other benefits too, as Sean explains:

“Outsourcing our content to Incredibble has enabled us to deliver more website projects on time and in line with HubSpot strategies. Introducing a new provider to clients is always a worry but there was no need for concern with Incredibble: the service is seamless and client satisfaction has never been higher.” 

Seamless Service and Quality Copy

By bringing in Incredibble’s copywriting expertise, Red-Fern could be certain they were delivering the best outcomes for their customers. 

Every piece of content - be it for websites, blogs, whitepapers or other marketing collateral - is high-quality and naturally includes the required keywords at the right density. 

In fact, the results have been so good that Red-Fern no longer works with any other freelance copywriters.

“If you’re a HubSpot marketing agency looking to work with a tried and trusted team of copywriters, look no further than Incredibble Marketing. The team has helped me grow the business by 70% over the past twelve months. And we’re in a better position than ever to take on more clients and continue to expand.”

Sean Red-Fern, MD Red-Fern Media

To extend your HubSpot agency team with a tried and tested content agency, get in touch with Incredibble today on 0161 298 5663 or at

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