All the Podcasts for Copywriters Ever

Whether you’re jogging, travelling, walking your precious pooch (or cat?), cleaning the house or soaking in a hot bubble bath, you can learn how to be a better copywriter.

All you need is access to crazy-good podcasts. Then inspiration and education on the go are yours for the taking. 

You’re here which means zero research is required. This is the ultimate list (which we will continue to update) of copywriting podcasts for content creators at all levels. 

Disclaimer: we haven’t listened to them all (because busy). But each podcast has been carefully handpicked from quality sources, based on reviews and word of mouth recommendations. Got one for the list? Let us know on Twitter!

Hot Copy


Hot Copy’s hosts, Belinda Weaver and Kate Toon, are two talented copywriters and friends. They offer copywriting tips, advice for freelancers and plenty of laughs for new and seasoned writers. Their 100th episode is particularly insightful. Belinda and Kate explain what success means to them and have a frank discussion on the downsides of copywriting success.

Marketing over Coffee


Over a cup of coffee (the episodes are only twenty minutes) you can learn all about classic and new marketing from industry thought leaders, John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn. You can also listen to interviews with marketing legends, from the acclaimed author Ann Handley to the famous TED speaker, Simon Sinek. I know, right. Exciting.

Copyblogger FM


Hosted by Sonia Simone, founding partner of Copyblogger Media, this podcast features a weekly roundup of all things content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimisation and running a business. If you want to keep on top of the latest industry news, Copyblogger FM is the podcast to listen to.

Copy Chief Radio 


Kevin Rogers, author and copywriting master, hosts a show jam-packed with copywriting tidbits, writing tools, riveting interviews and advice for freelancers on how to attract the right clients. We adored Episode 142 in which copywriter Laura Belgray talks about giving herself permission to expose, celebrate, and laugh about her flaws. LOVE!



Are you looking to add value to your work through effective SEO? The ConversionCast podcast can help. Discover oodles of marketing insight, such as tactics to drive traffic and the best metrics for measuring the performance of your copy. Hosts are rotated for each episode and include a variety of marketing and SEO experts.

Good Copy, Bad Copy


This B2B copywriting podcast treats listeners to a vast amount of tips on content writing, researching and marketing skills. Host David McGuire also digs deep into current hot topics. For example, in Episode 75, he discusses how artificial intelligence could impact the future of copywriting. Well worth a listen. 

The Fizzle Show 


If you’re new to the world of business and want to learn more about self-employment and brand writing, The Fizzle Show is here to serve. Its hosts range from creative entrepreneurs to industry leaders who tackle fascinating topics such as overcoming imposter syndrome and writing lucrative testimonials.

The Copywriter Club


Want to learn game-changing tips from successful copywriters? Every week, hosts Rob Marsh and Kira Hug interview leading content writers on relevant and engrossing topics. Episode 146 is a favourite of ours. The bestselling author Richard Armstrong offers killer advice on how to sell anything to anyone. 

Grammar Girl


Grammar hiccups happen to the best of us. But if you’re making too many mistakes, it might be time to brush up your knowledge of the English language and it’s many (many) rules. The Grammar Girl podcast makes this easy through funny anecdotes and memorable tips. 

Disclaimer: Grammar Girl is American and uses American spellings. But her grammar advice works for both British and American English. 



You guessed it, Problogger’s podcast is all about blogs: starting a blog, making money from your blog, blogging platforms, growing a blog following and so much blogging more. You won’t regret blogmarking this podcast. Okay, I’ll stop now. But seriously, check out Episode 277 on the secret to building a better blog - it’s a good one! 



Roger Dooley's Brainfluence explores the link between marketing and neuroscience. Through riveting interviews with CEOs, bestselling authors and renowned scientists, discover how understanding human psychology can help you create compelling copy and campaign ideas.

Dreams Around the World


Dreams Around the World is hosted by Dan Johnston, ‘a former entrepreneur turned freelance copywriter turned author and coach’. His enthusiasm is infectious, you can’t help but love learning about the podcast’s various topics, from business, self-employment, psychology, personal development and travelling while working.

Copy That Pops


If you’re looking to wow the world with outrageously good content, Copy That Pops is a great place to start. Host Laura Peterson shares valuable writing tips and copywriting hacks to help you create killer content. Episode 189 is a gem. It features content writing lessons from Nick Usborn, a copywriter with over 40+ years experience. Not one to miss! 

Clever Content


The Clever Content team takes turns hosting this podcast. As content experts, they pull apart copy to help listeners understand the tools and tricks behind writing compelling words. Also featured are discussions on making videos, the secrets behind good animation and juicy industry updates. 

Creative Penn 


If you have no clue on how to make a living from writing, Joanna Penn’s podcast is a spectacular resource. Episodes are published every Monday and feature interviews with famous authors, offering their unique insight on how to be a successful writer. Also included are lifestyle and mindset tips for creative entrepreneurs. 

Over to you 

This is a living, ever-growing list of copywriting podcasts. We’ll keep adding to it as we make new discoveries. But your help would be such a bonus! 

If there’s a podcast we haven’t featured on this list, please let us know by messaging Incredibble’s founder, Helen Dibble, on Twitter. Big love in advance to our contributors.

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