The 4-Day Week Experiment (Podcast)

I have come to the end of a four-day week experiment.

I started a trial earlier this year, to see if my business could run without me for 8 hours.

In hindsight, that feels like a small and effortless switch (8 hours? Of course your business can survive without you for 8 hours!).

But if you're working five days and want to drop to four, you'll know how deeply uncomfortable even the idea of working less can feel! And, you're right, the adventure into allowing the 4-days was the difficult bit.

Right now, lockdown is offering us a new perspective on life, time, space and pace. You are not alone if you're reevaluating how you want to live and work in the future.

Author and coach Amanda Brown recently interviewed me about my shift to four days. She asked me how I did it, what advice I'd offer others and we also talked about the evolution my business is going through right now.

Here's the podcast. It's 30 minutes long. Perhaps it can accompany you on today's walk.

BTW, my 4-day week is now a permanent fixture. I've recently dubbed the fifth day 'Freedom Friday', inspired by freedom entrepreneur Natalie Sisson. I get to do whatever the hell I like! Including writing articles.

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