VENTURE L // Mastering scale in your freelance copywriting business

"All I wanted to do was what I love." 

It was a rocky road to the fully-fledged freelance business I'm so fortunate to run today, but choosing my own passion over a conventional path helped me discover the joy of freelance work.  

The journey that started with a few small copywriting contracts and progressed to building an agency of freelance writers is the topic of conversation with Matthew Motolla from Venture L in this podcast. 

We speak about running with an idea when you’re working to a tight deadline, and the importance of understanding every single aspect of a brief before putting pen to paper. I still can’t believe I get paid to write, but choosing to do what I love and creating my own content helped me to position myself as a writer. 

If you work in the digital economy, you should check out Venture L’s website. They’re building the ultimate freelance tool for organisation and project management, so you can bypass the 50 chrome tabs you have open. 

Listen to the full 20 minutes here.

And here’s my favourite book for fellow female freelancers -

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