Writing for REPL. How One Website Project Sparked Ongoing Support

REPL is a leading, global retail technology company that offers retailers unrivalled expertise to level up their workforce management, supply chain, point of sale, BOS and in-store digital solutions.

With a significant offline reputation that far exceeded its online presence, REPL needed to refresh its website - step one in a series of improvements that would transform its marketing operation. 

REPL selected strategic website agency Red-Fern to refresh its website. As Red-Fern’s preferred content partner, Incredibble was brought in to help define the objective of the website, connect it to the audience and write the words for the website that would perfectly position the brand. 

Working closely with the Red-Fern team, Incredibble curated copy reflecting REPL’s unsung authority, valuable services and people-led approach. 

The Incredibble Writing Process 

As with all clients, REPL received personalised support for the duration of the project. This enabled:

  • trust to build between Incredibble and REPL 
  • transparency for REPL, keeping them in control of the project
  • the writers to have everything they needed to craft exceptional copy

The project ignited with an insight session. Incredibble’s founder, Helen, met with the client at their headquarters in Henley-in-Arden near Birmingham alongside the project’s lead copywriter Lucy. 

Understanding REPL’s Goals to Create Compelling Content

The aim of the insight session was to:

  1. understand REPL’s story so far, its vision and what that means for customers
  2. discuss and discern REPL’s unique values, audience, goals and tone of voice 
  3. define the structure of the website - agree on pages required and objectives for each page
  4. explore the user journey and content design requirements

The information illuminated the project’s purpose, aim and direction. The website would: 

  • incentivise more leads 
  • position REPL as a powerhouse partner for global retailers
  • build a presence in the IT and digital industry through thought-leadership
  • strengthen existing client relationships

This information ensured REPL gained the copy it needed to grow. Plus, getting to know the people behind the business allowed Incredibble to connect with the client on a deeper level. A better understanding results in more meaningful content.

The insight session led to the copywriter’s brief

A vital document, this clarifies and informs the writing process. It includes:

  • an overview of the business goals and values
  • a defined tone of voice
  • the sign-off process for all written content
  • a content calendar with delivery dates 

Once signed off, it was on to the writing. 

Crafting Conceptual Copy

With all the essential components together, a preview of the content was created for REPL. Receiving a sample of body copy and headlines was an opportunity for REPL to refine the project’s direction. 

As soon as the conceptual copy was approved, Helen and Lucy began writing content for REPL’s many website pages. 

Using the Best Words for REPL’s Website

Word choice was influenced by REPL’s unique tone of voice, research and information provided by the business. For example, the client briefed Helen and Lucy on unique terminology and useful statistics when required. 

The web pages were sent over for review in batches due to the large scale of the project. A weekly meeting between Red-Fern, REPL and Incredibble was held to discuss progress. 

This ensured the project stayed on track while fine-tuning the process to meet REPL’s requirements. With every discussion, REPL’s trust in Incredibble grew. This seamless communication helped the project flow.

Each page was carefully proofread before being sent over for approval. The final content was grammatically flawless; the language clear and concise. 

A Final Polish for a Shiny Finish 

At Incredibble, a project only ends once the content fits perfectly with the website design.

This was ensured for REPL through a live edit. Working with the web design team, Lucy and Helen revised and shortened the copy where appropriate so that it would best serve each page. The live edit was vital to ensuring the copy worked with the design and not against it. 

A Service That Proved to be Invaluable 

Today, REPL continues to work with Incredibble and its writers. Content such as articles, case studies and sales presentations is created monthly to help the business connect with customers, drive leads and extend its reach. 

How did this happen? As the project progressed, REPL realised the benefits of having a copywriting team on board - particularly one that knew the business so well. 

REPL now knows it can rely on Incredibble to provide top-level content in great time for a giant boost to its marketing efforts. 

“Incredibble has enabled REPL to realise its marketing ambitions at speed. With content fuelling our website and outreach plans, our marketing engine is up and running and working. 

We quickly built a partnership of trust with Incredibble. Their strategic approach and robust processes meant stakeholders at REPL immediately bought into their involvement.

The gains in productivity and output ensured the website project moved at pace and we’ve since escalated our content marketing plans knowing we have a partner who understands the business and can intuitively and intelligently liaise with the team.” 

Rachel Price, Marketing Director, REPL

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